My Projects

Partial list of Book Projects

  • Watch for the Rainbows, Dr. Frances Kapp and Dr. Kieran O’Malley. 2001
    True stories for educators and other caregivers of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • Whatever Happened to Hopscotch?, Sonia Yudcovitch. 2002
    Classroom games to augment learning
  • Toward Active Parental Participation, Hieu Van Ngo. 2002
    A practical guide to working with immigrants
  • The Hedgehog Who Loved Ducks, Valerie Walker. 2002
    A children’s story and colouring book
  • Empowerment Plus Manual, Dr. Teeya Scholten. 2003
    A handbook for psychological evaluation
  • Dawg, Lyle Manery. 2003
    Children’s illustrated story book
  • Immigrant Children in Focus, Hieu Van Ngo. 2004
  • Hedley Visits the North Pole, Valerie Walker. 2004
    A children’s story and colouring book
  • Nicholas Rivard, Sieur de la Vigne, André Dufresne. 2005
    A history of the Rivard family in Québec.
  • Cross Cultural Parenting Program, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association. 2005
  • Every Child a Winner, Sonia Yudcovitch. 2005
    Differentiated instruction in the classroom
  • Model Recipes for Pet Lovers, Pat Collins. 2005
    Top models and talent scouts share their favourite recipes and introduce you to their pets
  • Comic-Kazy Comic Anthology 2006
    The anthology of the 24 hour comics day
  • Val’s War, London 1939 – 1945, Valerie Walker. 2002
    Personal reminiscences
  • Belief Re-Patterning, Suze Casey. 2007
    A guide for Belief Re-patterning
  • Nature Strathcona, Christine Scott. 2007
    A guide to Strathcona Park’s 12 nature walks and short trails
  • Home is Where I Belong, Eleanor Biletski. 2007
    An autobiographical novel
  • The Rescue Plan for President Obama, Petra Beck. 2008
  • Cultural Competence, Hieu Van Ngo. 2008
  • The Action Plan for Communities to Gain Financial Freedom, Petra Beck. 2009
  • Kerry Flower, C.W. Post. 2009
    Written to inspire everyone to keep the child alive within themselves
  • Calgary Children’s Fiction Writing Award Anthology 2009
  • Eco-Yards, Laureen Rama. 2009
    Simple steps to earth-friendly landscapes
  • Canadian Fundamentals of Business Travel, NBTA Canada. 2010
  • Breaking the Silence, Sonia Yudcovitch. 2010
    Effective strategies for teaching the ESL student
  • Riding the Wave (3rd Ed.), Dr. Teeya Scholten. 2010
    A handbook for parenting the child with ADD
  • Turning the Tides, Dr. Teeya Scholten. 2010
    Teaching the student with ADD
  • The A.D.D. Guidebook, Dr. Teeya Scholten. 2010
    A comprehensive, self-directed guide to addressing attentional concerns in adults and children
  • Overcoming Depression, Dr. Teeya Scholten. 2010
    Wholistic strategies that work
  • First Kiss, Last Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Eleanor Biletski. 2010
    A story of beauty, blasphemy and betrayal
  • Calgary Children’s Fiction Writing Award Anthology 2010
  • Combining Pleasures, Patricia Hrynkiw Waye. 2011
    Scrapbooker’s Recipe Collection. Extensively illustrated in full colour
  • Take a Hike with Your Children, Lynda Pianosi. 2011
    Easy hikes in the Canadian Rockies for families with children
  • John’s Short Stories, John Robert Carruthers. 2011
    Personal family reminiscences
  • The Missing Link, Petra Beck. 2011
    Why monetary systems must fail.
  • Calgary Children’s Fiction Writing Award Anthology 2011
  • Moving On Through Divorce (2nd Ed.), Howard & Kerry Parsons. 2012
    Five steps to heal your heart and rebuild your life.

I have also worked on numerous family history and memorial publications that remain the personal and private legacies of the individuals concerned.

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