Creating A Book

For the majority of conventional book authoring projects, the creative process can be broken down two distinct phases:

  1. creating the content (purpose, text, illustrations, etc) – the end result of this phase is the original manuscript and the relevant illustrations, and
  2. converting the content to a finished book (editing, book and cover design, page layout, paper and font selection etc.)

Phase 1 is usually the responsibility of the author, alone or with some guidance from a trusted colleague. As the author, your primary mission is to stay focused on the phase 1 process.

Phase 2 involves skills and experience that many authors do not have, do not want to acquire, and which can often dampen the author’s creative energy. My role is to apply my skills and experience to phase 2.

Between us, we create the finished product that bears your name.




What I bring to the collaboration:

  • Copy editing
  • Book design
  • Page layout
  • Font selection
  • Illustration presentation & location
  • Assistance with ISBN registration
  • Preparing the publication information
  • Table of Contents
  • Coordination of cover design
  • Managing printing & binding

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